10 organizations you can support right now to help the victims of earthquake and tsunami in Indonesia

Last Friday (September 28th) the eastern Indonesian island of Sulawesi was rocked by a 7.5-magnitude earthquake and hit by a subsequent tsunami with the waves of more than three meters high. On Monday officials confirmed 1234 deaths and counting. Thousands of houses, hospitals, shopping centers and hotels have collapsed. There was a major power grid failure on the entire island. The rescue operations as well as contact with more distant regions are hampered by damaged roads, airport and broken telecommunications lines. It is estimated that the disaster affected a total of over 1.6 million people. The injured are being taken care in makeshift tents, and many people sleep in shelters or on the street, without access to food, medicine or psychological support. Collective graves are dug out all over the city. Fortunately, there are several organizations providing help and relief on the ground of Sulawesi.


Here is a list of 10 organizations supporting the victims of the Indonesian Earthquake and Tsunami:


  1. The UNICEF is putting all its effort into tracing the families of children separated from their parents; supporting infant and young child feeding; providing clean water and providing psychosocial support to the children.
  2. The Oxfam International Crisis Fund intends to reach thousands of Indonesian people with essential aid, including ready-to-eat meals, water purification kits, toilets, sanitary materials and emergency shelters.
  3. CARE is already working on the ground in Indonesia assessing the damage and responding with life-saving clean water, shelters and hygiene kits.
  4. Red Cross has been on the scene since the beginning of this catastrophe with their search-and-rescue teams, ambulances and first aid crews. They’re working on getting food, water, sanitation, shelter and health initiatives including blood to the victims.
  5. GlobalGiving supports recovery and relief efforts for the affected areas. They want to ensure that first responders will meet immediate needs for food, fuel, clean water, hygiene products and shelter.
  6. International Medical Corps, the emergency advance team, is assessing needs and planning an immediate response and recovery activities to get lifesaving care and urgently needed supplies to survivors.
  7. Heart to Heart provides free medical services, medicines, hygiene kits and medical supplies to the victims of the earthquake and tsunami. Collected funds will go to general disaster response.
  8. World Vision has set up an infant and child feeding center outside its office in Palu and had pre-positioned relief supplies, including hygiene supplies and kits for families and children.
  9. Direct Relief has been working to pre-position and supply medicines and medical assistance to the survivors. They will also begin delivering requested medications and medical supplies to the affected regions.
  10. Project HOPE's team is on the ground in hard-hit Palu, assessing needs and supporting local responders. All of the collected funds will be intended to provide needed help in the name of this crisis.

Two extra local organizations:

  1. Act Foundation. The Emergency Response Team is still moving towards location points to evacuate victims and provide emergency assistance in the midst of difficulties in the disaster field. Collected funds will go to general disaster response.
  2. Palang Merah Indonesia. Special Donation is a temporary donation program (a donation program carried out within a certain deadline adjusted to the needs of victims handling in certain locations). Donation funds are allocated to help disaster victims, ranging from natural disasters. All of the collected funds will be intended to provide needed help in the name of this crisis.

New victims are still being found. The island is in chaos and despair. You can help the victims by simply donating to one of the fundraising campaigns conducted by those ten organizations. Every cent and penny counts. You also can save lives.

- Marcelina Luna Deńca


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